Saturday, September 8, 2012

Helllo there Beasty Blockers!

          Hello BeastyBlockers! Long time no see! It's Jules here with another post about Minecraft! Today I'm going to show you a Minecraft "did ya know". These you can find on the website  This tells you fun facts about Minecraft such as...

For example, Its easier to catch fish in the rain. I had no idea until I went to this tumblr sight!
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<3 Jules, OUT

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Minecraft Tips

Hey BeastyBlockerz. So here is the Minecraft tip of the day :D:
Ssssssooooooo when you want TNT ( who doessssssssnt ) you need sand and sulphur ( gunpowder ) an easssssy way to get sssssulpher is too make a tower that'ssssss high with a ladder to get up. Then get a bow and ssssssome arrowsssssss. At night. Lead sssssssome creepersssssss to your tower and quickly climb up the ladder to the top. The creeperssssss will gather around and you can shoot them with the bow. When all the creepersssss are dead then you can collect your ssssssulpher then make some TNT and blow stuff up *Thumbs Up* :D
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(late) Jules Just In!

          Hello there BeastyBlcokerz! School is back in! Maranda and I got different teachers, :(, but we still get to see each other. Sorry this post is late I've been preparing for school.  Today I'm talking about a funny YouTube video by a Minecraft Lover.
        WOULD YOU ALL LIKE TO SEE? Who's reading who likes Dynamite by: Taio Cruz? I sure do. Well, this is a Minecraft version of Dynamite. Here we go

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<3 Jules

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Maranda's Moving News

Hey BeastyBlockerz! So I'm going back to school on Tuesday :( But its not all that bad. I get to see a bunch of my friends and see them everyday again!!!! Yay! So just a couple tips. First day is all about impression! You gotta dress cute!! Girls: Wear a LITTLE bit of make up!! Like mascara, a little of eye shadow that's like just a shimmer ( examples; shimmery gold, light yellow )
Also wear some jewelry and a cute outfit. ( to pull together a cute outfit is to get a belt the same color of your pants and put it on top of the shirt! ) Boys: Girls like messy, beach boy hair. Don't have an English boy slick back. Also wear like a hat. For me it's mostly hair. Haha. Personality is also key. Be nice to any new kid. If you have been there forever you already have a reputation to the other people who have been there forever. You can get a different reputation to the new kid unless you like what people think of you. If you like someone you should hint it to them by like watching them ( not stalkerish :-/ ) and if you get to choose seats ( THAT'S A PRIVILEGE THAT IS LIKE THE RAREST OF THE RARE!!! ) but if it happens TRY TO SEAT NEAR HIM. Don't be like "all up in his/hers grill " be like at least 2 seats away cuz he/she wants to be next to their friend. Try little convos every once in a while. If they are talking about Minecraft or something that you ate in to GET IN THERE GIRL/MAN/WHATEVER!!!! ( example; I was talking to a friend about slender. Someone who liked me joined in. BOOM convo with the person that is the liker or the likey <--- lol )
So I'm done blabbering. Thanks for reading! Keep on Punching Trees

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Enchantment Details

Hey BeastyBlockerz. So today is another enchantment details so here you go: Fire Protection

Protection against fire

Wow pretty simple haha!!! Anyways. Thanks For Reading!
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Did You Know?

Hey BeastyBlockerz. Maranda here and here is the Did You Know of The Day :D

Thanks for Reading. Later BeastyBlockerz. Keep on Punching Trees.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


       Hello there Beastie Blockerz! It's jules here with a minecraft. When i say minecraft I mean MineCRAFT, as in fun activities! This the process of making your very own Creeper tee shirt!

This is what the front of my shirt looked like! A creeper face!

This is Maranda doing her creeper face.

After you just add your minecraft name and paint it green

You can add whatever to the back, but Maranda and I were willy and drew creeper butts and our fav faction!

Thanks for checking in!!!